Jean-Jacques VIGOUREUX

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     Jean-Jacques Vigoureux Painting on spiders' webs is carried out by Jean-Jacques Vigoureux at Bruz in Britanny, and occasionally at Belle Ile en Mer.

     Jean-Jacques Vigoureux was born in Paris and later he moved westwards, in  the direction of Brittany. The art of painting or drawing has always been deep-seated because Philibert Vigoureux, the brother of his grandfather, was a painter in Paris.  He  left the family a few canvasses, his palette and his last tubes of colours in a box which Jean-Jacques guarded carefully between books.  He will always
remember the freedom of his first daring brush marks with this paint so loaded with history, and the  smell of the flow of linseed oil breathed in for the first time.  From that day painting and drawing have been part of daily life, taken on with pleasure and great enthusiasm, even though sometimes the task is delicate.
From the age of 25 Jean-Jacques worked with adolescents at the Atelier de Peinture at Bruz (near Rennes), and in this capacity reinvented and initiated the practise of a rather mysterious type of painting, working on a support of silk made uniquely from spiders' webs.


Group exhibitions

- Salon régional Orléans (2ème prix du salon )

- Salon à Saumur (1 er prix de dessin)

- Salon international St Maure de Touraine.

- Exposition à l'art expos Dallas (Texas) (médaille d'argent).

- International art exposition New York (médaille d'argent)

- Exposition de groupe à Tokyo avec le Bilan de l'Art Contemporain.

- Exposition en Belgique avec le mérite artistique européen (MAE)

- Expositions à l'Abbaye de l'Epau au MANS (1er prix de dessin)  

-Tours, Belle-Île

- Paris (1er prix de dessin)


Solo exhibitions

- Golf de Rennes,

- Manoir de La Noë à Bruz,

- Espace Soifilène à Rennes,

- Galerie de la Baudrairie à Vitré,

- Invité d’honneur au salon de printemps Chavagne,

- Galerie ARAMA Erquy.

- Galerie L'Art en Poupe Pont Aven

- Bruz, « le plein des sens »

- Belle-île « couleur soleil » 2003

- Rennes septembre 2004 à l'orangerie du Thabor.

- Galerie la Coulisse Belle-île en mer 2007

Televised exhibitions

1989  FR3 exposition Soifilène

avril 1992 Antenne 2 "Les passions insolites"

janvier 1995 France 3 Journal

août 1995 France 3 "Une pêche d'enfer"

mai 1996 M6 Journal

novembre 2001  M6 Journal, TV Rennes



1999    The CELAR with Bruz offers to the president of the republic Jacques Chirac the table "the vague" homage to the Japanese painter Hokusaï.






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